​​​​​​​Membership Options: (Note:  $49.00 Sign-up Service fee applies to all memberships, except one-month gift certificate, 10-class punch card, and summer special.)

- ​SUMMER SPECIAL- $99.00 - UNLIMITED classes, June 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019 *One-time fee; not prorated, no refunds.

- General Membership - $49.99/month - UNLIMITED classes, one-year agreement may not be canceled without penalty equal to $15 per month membership held (difference between this rate and month-to-month membership rate), paid monthly via auto draft (credit card or checking)

- Six-Month Membership - $54.99/month - UNLIMITED classes

- Three-Month Membership - $59.99/month - UNLIMITED classes; may not be canceled.

- Month-to-Month Membership - $64.99/month - UNLIMITED classes with no commitment.  Credit card or checking account will be charged monthly, until you decide to cancel your membership.  You may not skip months.  

​- One-Class Drop-in Fee - $10.00 - Membership is NOT required to participate in any class, whether Zumba, Kettlebell AMPD, WERQ, etc. Walk-in customers may pay per class. (There is no sign-up fee for walk-ins.)

-10-Class Punch Card - $80.00 - Pay for 10 classes and save $20.00. Must use or lose within 60 days.

- One Month Gift Certificate - $69.99 - Perfect for anyone on business travel or just visiting relatives.  Make Brickhouse your temporary workout studio, and enjoy UNLIMITED classes for one month. The sign-up fee is waived for this option.

NOTE: Children ages 12 - 18 may be added to any membership for an additional $15 per month.